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May 14, 2017
They arrived on Wednesday the 10th. "This is heavy," the UPS man said.

Yeah it is—that's two and a half years of my life's work you're carrying!

mailing out copies of The Church in the Wildwood

There was an earthquake in my body as I ripped through the tape. This was IT! Since typing that first word in 2014, everything had led to this pivotal moment.

This thing I've created—this book—it's a real, living, breathing thing, and I'm desperate to get it out into the world.

When I set May 8th as my soft launch date, I did it with wicked confidence. Shame, shame. But thankfully—THANKFULLY—the gracious people who placed preorders tipped their heads with understanding and refrained from knocking down my door.

So, instead of May 8th, my book will begin arriving in mailboxes as early as Monday morning. And I'm okay with that!

I'm not okay with the price of shipping, but that's a discussion for another time.

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