Oh the painful misery of a lame launch

May 08, 2017

May 8 was set to be the soft launch date of The Church In The Wildwood. Ah...such glorious dreams I had. And here I am, empty handed while a little devil emoji giggles at me from the sidelines of my life.

What's a Soft Launch?

I don't know. I made it up (ha!)

I had this pretty idea about the day when MY TRUE FANS (hi guys!) would receive the pre-purchased early copies of my book (those eager beavers) so that by The Real Launch day (Hard Launch?) I'd have amassed a darling bit of buzz...you know, incentive to make people want to come to The Big PARTY.

But then the universe was like, phhhttt, who do you think you are?? And the border took my books hostage.

My plans were perfect.

I just kind of forgot that sometimes the clouds come in to rain on the parade. That's why Joni Mitchell and I are basically BFF's—we really don't know clouds at all.

SO, I'm reclaiming today as the day I invite people into this little space.

I'll be like: hey guys, The Church In The Wildwood has it's own website!

And you'll be like: Wow! That's great! Now I can keep up to date with what's going on with all things WILDWOOD.

And I'll be like: yeah, you can.

And also: thanks for being gracious.

And also: I love you.


  1. Aw. I'm still reading every time miss baby girl gives me a chance. ��

    1. She's lucky she's so flipping adorable... ;)


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