Chocolate Mousse for the Win

May 14, 2017
I've had a brilliant weekend, basking along the shores of Lake Huron, powering through a list that seemed overwhelming at first but quickly became 'The Thing I Will Overcome'.

The effort of getting a book out into the big wide world does take its toll on a person, so when I needed to get away from it all (or, more honestly, get away from the things holding me back from getting everything done) a dear friend and fellow writer tossed me in her little blue car and drove me to her family's cottage—where we were joined by another friend—for three days of agenda-free get-er-done.

The only planned event was to go out for dinner together on Saturday night, which turned into a celebrate The Church in the Wildwood event...because she brought along the book and sweet-talked the waitress into taking our picture.

celebrating The Church in the Wildwood at an English pub in Kincardine, Ontario

After packing away an embarrassing amount of fish and chips, that little doll of a waitress came creeping up with a bowl of chocolate mousse and whipped cream, a little candle flickering as she set it down in front of me.

"Congratulations on your book," she said.

How sweet is that?!

Very sweet! Chocolatey and rich and mmmmmm.

I feel tremendously blessed. By good friends and good chocolate.

And I couldn't have gotten to where I am today without a whole lot of help from both of them!


  1. I love being part of your journey and the friendship we have formed because of it 😊

    1. Couldn't have gotten here without you ❤️Your support and encouragement has made a world of difference for me!


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