September 04, 2017
Quotes taken directly from the pages of The Church in the Wildwood

She wished to move with the grace of a ghost–all whispers and secrets and sighs.
—pg. 69

She wept until she was too dried up for tears—like an orange that had been sucked of all its sweetness...
—pg. 86

We're all just wandering around with our fingers crossed, hoping we'll meet somebody that will make our lostness a little less lonely.
—pg. 133

I've never seen the sea. I think perhaps this is the greatest tragedy of all. Perhaps salt water is the truest kind of baptism—the kind that might cleanse me and make me whole again—but I suppose it's not meant to be.
—pg. 237
...could love really be a sin if it was actually the greatest commandment?
—pg. 286

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