If I Was Asked To Cast The Movie Version

April 15, 2015

Knowing your characters is one of the most important parts of story-telling - because if you don't know them how can you even begin to share their life (whether it be fictional or not)?

While fighting through a heavy season of feeling completely stuck (meaning I honestly had no idea where the story was going!) I decided to try an exercise I'd read about but never attempted.

Cast the movie version.

If nothing else it was a fun distraction from staring at a blinking cursor and feeling like a failure.

And, in a happy turn of events, it seemed to stir things up, get ideas bubbling, and I'm now well on my way to an ending that actually makes sense!

~ Please understand that my casting choices are made purely based on superficial aesthetics and not acting merits - though I dare say that each one of my choices have played roles that moved me somehow. ~

Sure, it was a silly exercise but it was a fun little brain break that proved to be just what I needed!

(Now - look at Emilie and look at Jake and go read this excerpt - Yowza!)

The Church In The Wildwood movie cast

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